Cuphead Quick Review And Vinyl Soundtrack

6:38 AM

Cuphead is a riot of color and sound over beautiful backdrops of watercolor and bustling scenery in a classic, hand-drawn 1930s cartoon style to the tune of originally scored big band and jazz music.

Frustratingly addictive and painstakingly uncompromising in quality (and difficulty), this nostalgia-laced platformer is a must. Even if it will cause you to throw your controller a time or two.

Aside from the appealing art direction, Cuphead is heavily based and rooted in boss battles. Testing your Nintendo days platforming skills, not only will you have mostly boss battles, but "Gun And Run" levels where you can speed through and collect coin while you pop off your enemies as you blaze through the side scroller.

Cuphead compiles everything you come to love in a platformer and pairs it with beautifully hand-drawn cel animation and a great score to boot.

Speaking on the score, iam8bit have helped release the score in collaboration with Jango Snow and Studio MDHR on vinyl in a deluxe folio packaging set like you would find back in the day. The four LP set includes all the music from the game, a barber shop quartet, hopping big band sounds and smooth jazz tracks. Complete with gold embellishments and embossments on the packaging.

You can view the package below and cop your own from iam8bit HERE.

In short, Cuphead is a charming, artful masterpiece not only to behold, but to play as well.

Cuphead is available on Xbox One and Windows 10 from most digital distributors.

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