Mandatory Music: Lewis Del Mar EP

9:29 PM

Back to Mandatory Music, here's a piece of music that you need in your playlist queue if you haven't listened to it already.

Lewis Del Mar - EP

Lewis Del Mar
is a duo from Queens and consists of Danny Miller (Guitar/Vocals) and Max Harwood (Drummer/Producer). No. There is no Lewis Del Mar. Get it out of your head.

Their EP feels fresh, yet has a modern classic vibe to it. Every track stands on its own merit. "Loud(y)"one of the more well known tracks from the EP is a great balancing act of acoustic strings, electrifying drums and sonic ambushes with notes of Nine Inch Nails that just hits all the right places for me.

The four song EP is filled with brilliant arrangements and great lyricism making it fun to listen to and gives plenty of room to replay multiple times.

Check out the player below to take a listen and be sure to work it into your playlist this week.

For more on Lewis Del Mar regarding tour dates and other news, be sure to check out their website HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

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