Batman: The Killing Joke Movie Receives R-rating And Official Trailer

3:20 PM

The official trailer for the R-rated animated adaptation to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's dark, classic DC graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke has arrived.

The movie taps the talents of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill to reprise their roles from Batman The Animated Series. Fans of the graphic novel will be able to respect the animation style in relation to the book. For those who don't know, it is an origin story of the Joker who is a struggling comic and and chronicles his terror the streets and in the mind of Commissioner Gordon.

The movie is the first in DC's animated original movie series to receive a non PG/PG-13 rating. Accepting the R-rating is a great sign that DC kept true to the original story and dark storytelling that we came to realize reading the book. It also includes an original 14 minute prologue that sets up the story that even long time Killing Joke fans will look forward to as additional content. The movie is slated for release later this year on DVD, Bluray and Digital HD.

Check out the official trailer below.


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