The New Deftones Album Remains A Mystery (And I Like It)

9:16 PM

There's many loose details and rumors permeating the rock news scene surrounding the new Deftones album.

Photo by Corey Stevens
Very little is known about the band's latest effort other than the fact that the date has been pushed back a couple times due to mixing and mastering stipulations. All the pieces are there to release the eighth studio album (ninth counting Eros) from the band.

As of right now, this is what we "know":

-The album is loosely expected to be released in late November based off band member speculation. Truth is they don't even know when it will be ready. They were hoping to have it on the market originally in September.

-There is no single yet. Considering the possibility of there being a release in a month, there is still no word of a single in sight.

-The album still has no name. Well, that we know of.

Why are they doing this you may ask?
There's a lot of different reasons they could be going about releasing the album in this mysterious way. One strong possibility is they have it under lock down considering their last two albums got leaked before release. Keeping it in the dark is an easy solution to nullify the possibility of that situation. Also remember that they are largely a non-corporate band that enjoys doing things outside the norm. Basically they make the music they want and do shit they want and it works.

In my opinion, I'm loving not knowing what to expect. It keeps me guessing what's to come, what will the music be like, what will the name be? The cover? I love it. I hope they do this with future album releases, eliminating chances of leaks and just keep the fans guessing until the release date. It's so much more satisfying that way.

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