Watch "Hyrule Warriors" Launch Trailer

8:23 AM

Hyrule Warriors is officially released and Nintendo can only hope this can keep Zelda fans busy until the BIG Zelda Wii U game is released. You know. The one we heard about back in 2011 or 2012?

Anyway, Hyrule Warriors pits our warriors against the seemingly sexually suggestive sorceress, Cia. HW obviously takes elements of the Legend of Zelda series along with the gameplay mechanics of Dynasty Warriors and marries the two to create a solid new title and a fresh addition to the Zelda franchise.

Sorceress Cia in Hyrule Warriors

Zelda's royal guard Impa will be making her playable debut in HW with a big ass sword. It will be cool to see what she will be able to offer.

Watch the launch trailer below.
Hyrule Warriors is now available exclusively on Wii U.
For more info visit Zelda.

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