CAPCOM Prone To Being Bought Out

12:54 PM

As many of you already know from last month is that CAPCOM is as good as done. CAPCOM abandoned it's stock takeover defense plan, leaving room for another company to buy all their stock. In other words, CAPCOM may be bought out at some point and we may see it as a new company and a new face.

The company started out in 1979 helping create and distribute game systems, then in the 80's they contributed and designed software to the gaming industry and then turned to game development. They came to be a major contender in the industry with many titles from cult classics to heavy hitting franchises like Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, etc.

It's true that CAPCOM has been in a slump and has been a little lackluster as of late. But with the recent successful step into the next gen with Dead Rising 3 on XBOX One, you think that would be a step in the right direction. But it doesn't work all that easy.

What does this mean? What could happen with a buyout? Well there's a few things, good and/or bad that could happen. With a buyout, the company who would hypothetically buy out CAPCOM may acquire the rights to the game franchises they own, allowing them to sell, build upon or do what they will with. That means your favorite games such as Mega Man could die... or, they may bring him back to life and expand on the dormant arm cannon toting hero. The big money makers like Resident Evil and others would obviously live on due to the inevitable revenue they rake in.

So being a long time CAPCOM fan since childhood, it's sad to see such a great gaming company open for a buyout. I just hope that if and when it does happen, that it goes to a company with the best intentions and helps preserve the overall image and legacy of the company itself and the wonderful contributions they made to the industry.

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