Where's The Regular Show Season 3 Blu-Ray?

12:31 AM

The simple answer is: there is no Blu-Ray version. That's right, season 3 of Regular Show is a DVD-only release. That means reduced visual quality of episodes, watered-down bonus content compared to seasons 1&2 on Blu-Ray and less episodes per disc.

True, it's not a big deal. But if you bought the first two seasons on Blu-Ray and enjoyed the abundance of bonus material and run-time of discs, you would appreciate a continuation of Blu-Ray releases for the remainder of the series. There just isn't the amount of storage on a DVD as a Blu-Ray. Not to mention that there was originally a Blu-Ray pre-order available at one point, only to be removed abruptly at the last minute, which induces annoyance and disappointment.

Many fans were letdown by this confusing piece of news.I mean Cartoon Network is really missing out on some extra cash. There are plenty of fans out there that are willing to shell out the extra 4 bucks for the HD upgrade.

I, myself, am holding out until CN decides to release a BR Disc version. And I know many others are doing the same.

Do it, Cartoon Network, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. What bothers me so fucking much is... WHY ARE THEY STILL MANUFACTURING DVD'S IN 2015 ???

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