Disney Pixar Should Bring Back Abandoned Project "Newt"

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Four years ago, a Disney Pixar film by the name of "Newt" was cancelled. The film was being put on the back burner on several occasions due to the "demand" of bigger projects, such as expanding the money-making franchises with "Cars 2" and "Monsters University" and also making room for "Brave" on the list. The film also went through a bit of a leak of concept art and such after a presentation of the project.

I think it would be a great move on Disney Pixar's part to try to breathe some life back into the project and hire a few more hands to help contribute to the completion. There's already a HUGE amount of people that want to see this project see the light of day and it would also expand Disney Pixar's catalogue in a great way.
Some people think that since this is the first film project that Pixar has announced as "cancelled" publicly, that its part of some publicity stunt orchestrated to pull more interest to the project. Conspiracy theories aside, we will not see this project any time soon, if ever.
If you don't know the story behind "Newt," an official press release provided this information on the film:

"The last remaining male and female, blue-footed Newts on the planet (Newt and Brooke) ...forced together by science to save their species."

Sounds like a generic Pixar romantic comedy, but they have their ways to make each project feel fresh.
Here are some easter egg references to our gone but not forgotten, unfinished Pixar film:

Toy Story 3

Do you think they should bring this project back that so many people have worked so hard on for so many years? Or do you think this is one huge publicity stunt? Tell me what you think on Twitter @NolanDracula.

You can catch a larger collection of concept art over at Geek Tyrant.

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