Record Store Day 2013 and the Changing World of Vinyl

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Black is coming back. ...Well it has been back. In fact, it hasn't really gone anywhere. Yeah, there's been a lack of interest in the broad mainstream retail industry, but overall there's been a great deal of masses that have stuck to the black magic that is vinyl.

These days, a lot (not all) music has missing that great feeling you get when you listen to it. With people of all ages just downloading albums at the push of a button and listening to it through the flat sound of their computer speakers, then tucking it away in endless files of music that never gets listened to. They miss out on that connection you get when you walk into a music store and interact with other people and discuss the culture of not just music, but the subcultures of each genre and what they bring to the world. For me, it's a treat to be able to walk into an independent record store, where you can smell the vinyl records sitting in the crates, waiting to be thumbed through. Scale through the countless sleeves with the over-sized album art, discovering artists you haven't heard of yet, all the different shapes, colors and sizes of records and finally stumbling on that one great find. Take that record home, slip the record out of it's sleeve, set it on the turntable, drop the needle and just listen to the music.

Much like the rest of every aspect of this world, many people have just been lazy when its come to enjoying music and the experiences it brings with it. The famous Jack White III has a few things to say about this subject as well and you can read what he has to say here.

One of the great annual events that this culture has breathing fresh air into its lungs is Record Store Day. And speaking of Jack White, he has been announced Record Store Day 2013 Ambassador. You can watch the press release video with the newly appointed ambassador below.

Jack White and Third Man Records have also announced in celebration of the album's 10th anniversary, The White Stripes' breathrough record, "Elephant" will be released in a limited edition 2 LP pressed on colored vinyl as a Record Store Day exclusive. The first LP will be split color black and red and the second LP will be pressed on all white vinyl, housed in a double pocket gatefold, tip on sleeve. It features an MP3 download card, printed inner sleeves and is mastered direct from the original analog source.

I will be posting a full list of Record Store Day exclusive releases when the full list is announced. Many have already been made available. You can visit Record Store Day and see if you can find an independent record store participating near you. Again, Record Store Day 2013 is on April 20th, so be sure to head out and keep this musical adventure alive.

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