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Every week, starting now, I'm going to throw an album your way that you should invite into your ear holes and caress your inner-musical being... alright moving on. Dubbing it "Album of the Week"/Mandatory Music. I'll throw an album your way, some may be well know, many won't be. If you've heard it, great. If not, try to take that week to take a listen. Maybe you can even build on your staggering playlist.

I listen to and recommend A LOT of different type of music, so it won't be one singular genre.


This week I'm throwing "El Camino" by The Black Keys your way.

The Black Keys have always had that rich, throwback old style rock and roll vibe that naturally flowed out of their music without them trying too hard like some other bands try to. You listen to their music and you know they enjoy doing it, so it makes it more enjoyable to listen to.

These guys have been around for a while, and have always kicked ass in my book. So I'm not sure why it took until now for their music to finally get some solid recognition.

"El Camino" is the embodiment of what The Black Keys are all about. Old style rock, mixed with modern sound and their own style as well. They have that unique edge that you know belongs to them and is unmistakable. The radio-played track "Gold on the Ceiling" is one of my favorites on the record. "Little Black Submarines" layers black with white, starting off slow and somber and then breaks into riff-plucking, drum-pounding jam session.

Get it. Play it. Wear it out and repeat. If you can get it on vinyl, even better.

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